Petition to Declare That an Insurrection Exists to Overthrow the Will of We the People

Corrupt Politicians

Corrupt, morally compromised, blackmailable judges and traitors have been throwing out legitimate cases in court, depriving We the People of the due process of law.  Evidence is being destroyed, even as I write this.  Many judges have connections with George Soros and other foreign and domestic enemies.

President Trump has exercised great discipline in not implementing the Insurrection Act and in the constitutional measures for suppressing rebellion, invasion and insurrection.  He stated at the beginning of his term that he was going to give government back to We the People.  Now, we must show our support for the utilization of military action, military justice, and military tribunals, since many of the nation’s courts are daily proving their corruption.  By petitioning the government, We the People provide the moral authority for the actions that need to be taken to save this republic.

It is true that this is much larger than New California, but New California will be used in a big way to dismantle the Deep State.
This is a petition on the website to call on our President to execute the Insurrection Act because of the fraudulent voting and the COVID-19 plandemic shut down that are an orchestrated plan of an insurrection to overthrow the United States of America.

Please ask people (citizens) from all over the United States to sign!! This is our way to show our massive support, our vote of confidence to our President.