Why do we see a need for a New California State?
We are in need of restoration of our Constitutional right to a form of government that functions as a republic.

  • Taken from the California citizenry is protection against invasion (resulting in open borders for illegality)
  • Taken from the California citizenry is protection against domestic violence (resulting in sanctuary cities/state and mob violence)
  • We no longer have a republican form of government (bicameral) that we are guaranteed in the Constitution
  • We have had over 600 changes made to our state Constitution
  • We have a tyrant running our state
  • We have a mono-party system that denies representation to all minority political parties
  • We have corruption at every level of government
  • We no longer have election integrity
  • We no longer have financial stability
  • Citizen priorities of law and order are pushed aside for the sake of liberal and elitist agendas
  • The backbone of our state in the form of business owners and taxpayers are fleeing the state in record numbers.

For Businesses
NCS will be business-friendly

For Elections
NCS will restore integrity

For Private Citizens
NCS will restore individual liberties in the form of medical choice, family sovereignty, and freedom of association

For the Environment
NCS will restore a sane, measured reality that ensures financial stability and basic foundational needs (water, electricity) while preserving public health