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New California State

Stop the Corrupt and Morally-Compromised Judges and Officials from Denying Due Process to ​.

Corrupt Politicians

There is a petition on the website to call on our President to execute the Insurrection Act because of the fraudulent voting and the COVID-19 plandemic shut down that are an orchestrated plan of an insurrection to overthrow the United States of America. Please ask people (citizens) from all over the United States to sign!!

This is our way to show our massive support, our vote of confidence to our President.

Why We Need A New California State

As people living under the bonds of tyranny, we demand a restoration of our Constitutional right to a form of government that functions as a Republic. We strive for a return to integrity in elections, a business-friendly environment, and the return of our individual and corporate liberties.

New California State is California's Solution

In The News

Petition to Declare That an Insurrection Exists to Overthrow the Will of We the People

Corrupt, morally compromised, blackmailable judges and traitors have been throwing out legitimate cases in court, depriving We the People of the due process of law.  …

Thanksgiving – CA counties will be ignoring Newsom’s orders

Several counties in California happen to have sheriffs that understand that they work for the people, not the Governor.  Orange County, El Dorado County, and …

MAGA Drag in Riverside

Thousands of vehicles turned out for the MAGA Drag the Interstate event which occurred on November 1st.  Maybe Trump supporters were out with flags, banners, …