NCS Accomplishments

  • 200 attempts have been made to separate CA — New California State (NCS) is first to follow constitution VA/ W VA model

  • Article IV Sections 3 & 4

  • 25 ROV/clerk recorders gone from declarations and affidavits

  • Educating sheriffs on lesser magistrate and their constitutional powers if elected

  • Shasta, Riverside, San Luis, etc. w lawsuits before anyone else decided to try and help…?

  • 190 grievances, 10 declarations of truth, 10 notices of default read in public squares across California

  • 69+ field hearings for the public

  • working Legislature in NCS with Bicameral Senate and Assembly

  • 44+ working chapters were more several lost due to out-of-state moves

  • Accelerates with existential financial threat

  • Restored government of CA has held 1 Constitutional Convention

  • All statehood documents (including constitution and resolutions) in the House of Representatives with Speaker of the House

NCS held 12 Constitutional Conventions:

  • Following the January 15, 2018, New California State Declaration of Independence, the July 21, 2018, 1st Constitutional Convention at Harris Ranch

  • The October 5-6 2nd Constitutional Convention in Irvine

  • The 3rd Constitutional Convention in Roseville, January 26, 2019

  • The 4th Constitutional Convention in Fresno

  • The 5th Constitutional Convention in Irvine, the October 25-26, 2019

  • The 6th Constitutional Convention in San Luis Obispo

  • The 7th Constitutional Convention in Fresno

  • The 8th Constitutional Convention in San Luis Obispo

  • The 9th Constitutional Convention in Virtual

  • The 10th Constitutional Convention in Anaheim

  • The 11th Constitutional Convention in Roseville

  • The 12th Constitutional Convention in Irvine

Our past line up of special guest speakers includes:

Advisor to President Trump Tana Goertz, Fox News Reporter Lara Logan, Joe Hoft, Tony Roman, Congressional Candidates Chris Bish (CA 6) and Mike Cargile (CA 3), Attorney Sidney Powell, Candace Owens and Dinesh D’Souza and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.


  • The ballots in CA 2020 were missing the statuary election code for the selection of Delegates. New California filed the lawsuit and sent a letter to Pence notifying him of the faulty ballots that by law should not have been cast or counted. The courts played games and Pence accepted the CA delegation. New California also filed notification with the Registrars throughout the state and both SOS Padilla and Webber were served—they did nothing about it either.

  • New California also filed with Chris Bish to challenge Doris Matsui living outside her Congressional District.

  • New California submitted a Delegation of 55 members to represent Californians delegation because none had been selected.

  • New California joined the Texas lawsuit as an Amicus brief to challenge the changes to election code by states. This was not authorized by the legislature. California legislators Kiley & Gallagher challenged the Newsom executive order for all mail-in ballots and won. The judgement announcement arrived the day before the general election began. The amicus brief was accepted! First new state movement recognized in history with an accepted Amicus brief.

  • Amicus with Brunson case under review with Supreme Court—plus, plus, plus…! This hasn’t been done since 1861— we are following the U.S. Constitution to the letter.

  • New California is HISTORIC!!!!!!! It will save California, the Nation and the World!