Action Steps

Action Steps You Can Do For New California State

  • Read the new NCS Publication Booklet to get a quick overview of the New California State and how it will save old California

  • Review this website to really see how much information is available to educate yourself on the process taken to become the 51st state in the Union — DIG IN

  • Watch the video “State of New California” at the top of the home page and share it with others

  • Share the NCS Publication Booklet as follow-up to those you speak to

  • Join New California State (NCS) Telegram for CA, New CA, life enriching information

  • Share New California State Telegram articles with friends

  • Know and share that New California transforms California into TWO states

  • Find your local New California State County Chapter

  • Create a County Chapter (lost a few due to moves)

  • Spread the word about New California State website—it updates constantly

  • Attend City Council Meetings to understand the city’s workings and possible misdeeds

  • Expose City, County and State misdeeds

  • Actively inform those around you about WHY the current ESTABLISHMENT POLITICAL MACHINES MUST GO

  • Attend County Board of Supervisors Meetings… we have plenty of templates and topics for you

  • Host a New California State Fundraiser

  • Host a coffee with friends in your home to share the NCS Publication Booklet and discuss

  • Host a New California State Monday Night 6:30 prayer vigil inspired by Frederic Mercurius

  • Have your voice heard wherever you are about the New California State “solution”

  • Talk about New California to everyone you meet

  • Listen to Paul Preston’s Agenda 21 Radio Show – educate yourself

  • Share Chriss Street information with your local Board of Supervisors (BOS)

  • Get “Ban the Machine” Petition Signatures for your County call (877) 828-2753

  • Become an AENN citizen journalist call (877) 828-2753

  • File a Public Records Act (PRA) or (F0IA) for press to find out what’s really going on with your City, County and State leaders. Share the results with NCS call (877) 828-2753 for email desired

  • Join one of our county committee teams: Human Trafficking; Elections; Law Enforcement/First Responders; Infrastructure: Water, Mineral and Mining Resources; Economic focusing on Agriculture, Industry & Small Business and Education

Next Steps

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