California Republic Reorganized

Making a Great California Again

Following the model of West Virginia State Hood of 1861-1863 New California formed the Reorganized California Republic in October of 2022. On June 1, 2023 Reorganized California State held its first Constitutional Convention.

Why California Cannot be "Saved"

  • California violates Article IV, Section 4: no republican form of government, freedom from invasion or freedom from domestic violence

  • California is in violation of the Compact of the Union of States for financial audit failures

  • Estimates point to 150 years minimum litigation for California’s legal messes

  • Only 6% of the budget is subject to manipulation—all else sealed in with the fake contract replaced California Constitution in 1879 by the progressives/communists

  • Unaudited financials prohibit borrowing or bond issuance due to credit rating damage, thereby, admitting the financial abuse and disaster

California State Reorganized

  • Receives a NEW Constitution with an 88% vote to change

  • Financials will have been forensically audited

  • New California increases CA cash flow day one by 15-20 billion dollars better cashflow counting their expense side

  • The “Rule of Law” will be reestablished with Support for Law Enforcement

  • All Law Enforement signs an Oath of Office

  • Receives energy from New California MUCH Cheaper than current pricing

  • Profit can be made on cheaper energy costs to repay pension liabilities

  • A modernity to continue as desired

  • California will have half the population to take care of

  • California CAN make good on pension promises with energy profits

  • All organizations can focus energies on Saving THIS California

Next Steps

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